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“Exercise in your 50s and beyond is really about protecting your health It’s about setting you up so you can continue to live a world-class life. People now don’t want to approach retirement and play shuffleboard and bridge. They want to go out and travel the world, be active, play golf and squash and play with their grandkids. They want an active, healthy, high-performance life, and that’s highly possible if you keep exercising

From the first moment you throw a punch, you are breathing heavily, heart pumping, arms, chest, shoulders, core, and legs working in unison. Boxing burns over 500 calories/hour, builds lean muscle, develops stamina and endurance, and ramps metabolism. As we age, we lose muscle mass, strength, flexibility, and balance. Boxing reverses this trend, giving us back what we lose, developing hand-eye coordination and entire body strength. For people over fifty, boxing is one of the most complete cardiovascular and resistance workouts … and it is fun.

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Baby Boomer Boxing is a personal training business in Newcastle for the over the 50s that specializes in the use of NON CONTACT boxing training techniques as well as functional fitness(meaning you can bend down or get up without the creaking) with the added convenience of the gym coming to you . At Baby Boomer Boxing we believe you dont stop training as you get older but you get older as you stop training We also believe it has to be fun and suit your lifestyle.You will be trained by people in the baby boomer age bracket so we know how aging puts lttle obstacles in your way on the road to fitness and improved quality of life. Ring us on 0414292185

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My name is Peter Hallett and I am the head trainer and owner of Baby Boomer Boxing having been involved in Newcastle boxing for over 40 years from professional boxer to owning well known boxing gyms Bank Corner Boxing and Tuffn Up Boxing I discovered the pitfalls of aging as I tried to return to a level of fitness I had in my earlier years after Covid 19 hit.The mind was willing but the body was weak so I went back and completed a Cert 4 personal trainers course. Only then did I realise how my fitness had slipped away and with it my quality of life and energy. So I devised a training package that is fun and helps give you back energy and flexibility and stops the stomach going west and the muscles south. I use punch pads and medicine ball so I only need a bit of flat space which is all we needed in the old days anyhow and remember THE ONLY THING THAT GETS FLATTENED IS YOUR STOMACH

Is life too busy to drive to the gym? Is a gym setting intimidating to you? Do you worry about covid19 ? We bring the boxing gym along with a personalized workout to your home making your commitment to health and fitness much easier.Life is busy and getting to the gym can’t always stay at the top of our priority list.I understand this and want to bring the gym to you. You get a great workout from your home without the need to get in your car and drive to the gym.The time you save will make a commitment to fitness possible, even in today’s busy world. No equipment is necessary.All we need is a bit of flat space I will bring all the equipment we will need to meet your fitness needs.If you do have any equipment, I will be happy to integrate that into our workouts and set exercises for you to do during the week. Baby Boomer Boxing is completely Covid safe with all precautions taken. Ring Peter on 0414292185